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Type or Die Script | Pastebin 2023

Bypass Copy/Paste, Anti Cheat, Auto Answer, And More!

Scripts for Type or Die abound. You can use the Roblox type or die script right now if you’re looking for hacks like auto win, longest words, and more.

One of the top brain teaser games on Roblox, Type or Die was made in 2022 by the same name’s developers. In order to develop their tower and avoid the lava rising, two players must respond to a series of questions with the longest possible response.

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The only way to triumph in this physically addictive typing game is to outlast your opponent. Here are all the current Type or Die scripts you can use currently if you’re trying to get the longest responses in a matter of seconds or win every game round.

Type Or Die Script

Features of Type or Die Script

  • Bypass Copy/Paste
  • Anti Cheat
  • Auto Answer
  • And More!

Despite being new, Type or Die has more than 6 million visitors and over 5,000 active players. Here are all the Type or Die functional scripts for Roblox without further ado.

How to Use Type or Die Script

Script Code

--Get Key :->

_G.wl_key = 'putkeyhere'

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