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Autofarm, Teleport, More! 2023

With this new DLC for Op Thief Simulator Script, you may quickly earn a sizable sum of money. Fundamentally, the content will enchantively take you to robbable players and let you steal their money.

The Thief Simulator Script is a free hacking tool that we have shared with you on pastebin. It includes features like Auto Rob NPC, Make Money Quick, and more.

After opening the NPC ranch, you can create a new auto-robbing NPC and earn minutes by buying it with real money or game points. Then, in order to earn a lot more money, you can take care of your cash and experience by selling the auto robber npc to various players.

Features of Thief Simulator Script

  • AutoRob Npc
  • AutoRop Bank
  • AutoRob Atm
  • WalkSpeed
  • JumpPower
  • AutoBuy
  • More!

You must purchase the currency from a particular station and trade it for other players in order to accomplish this. Once you understand this advice, you’ll be able to generate income quickly.

Since time is money, playing this game gives you the chance to quickly earn millions of dollars. This is made possible by the Op Thief Simulator Script we have developed, which is intended to guide you through acquiring all of the necessary items for a successful rob sim.

Thief Simulator Script

In Roblox’s Thief test system, the player is predetermined to be immersed in a game where they are an Op Thief Simulator Hack whose main goal is to become the most extravagant criminal in the game. They can achieve this goal by ransacking NPCs and grabbing loot while avoiding capture.

How to Use Thief Simulator Script

The player earns points by arresting other players and stealing their gold in order to rob them. Because you will be playing with other people that are similar to you, Roblox Thief is a very interesting game in this regard. This is due to the possibility that this game will introduce you to your pals.

Script Code

loadstring(game:HttpGet("", true))()

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