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The Rake Remastered Script | Op Roblox Pastebin Cheat -2023

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You have come to the right place if you are looking for The Rake Remastered script since we offer the most effective Roblox hack. This cheat is now available for free download right now. Thanks to our free Roblox The Rake Remastered hack, the players have access to abilities such as Fullbright, which makes the night screen brighter to better seeing, and rake ESP, which assists in determining the position of the rake. Both of these talents can help the players determine where the rake is located.

The Rake Remastered Script

Features of The Rake Remastered Script

  • Fullbright
  • Rake ESP
  • And More

In the Roblox game The Rake Remastered, a monster hunter known as the rake is on the prowl, and in order to win, the players need to get away from him and make it through the night. If you enjoy games of a horror-themed genre, you absolutely have to give this one a shot.

Here at, we offer the best cheats and hacks for the online game Roblox. With our cheats, in contrast to other games in which players are required to spend countless hours honing their skills or accumulating fortune before they can enjoy themselves, players may begin having fun right away.

About the The Rake Remastered Script

The Rake Remastered is a terrifying video game that was developed by NASARealist in 2018. The objective of the game is for players to stay alive during the night for eight minutes as the Rake pursues them. When it is daytime and the rake has returned to its cave, players have an easier time exploring the map and utilizing the points they have earned to make purchases from the shop.

The Rake Remastered Script

It is a very popular game overall, and the fact that it has accumulated more than 100 million visitors and has more than 2,500 users playing it at the same time demonstrates how addicting it is. Here is a list of all the Rake Remastered Script that you may use right now in case you are interested in either accelerating your running speed or gaining an infinite number of points that can be used on purchasing important stuff.

There are a great number of feature-rich scripts available for the Rake Remastered, and they range from Infinite Scrap to Stun Stick Aura, ESP, Walkspeed, and Jump Power. Therefore, without further ado, I will immediately get to the point and provide a list of all the ones that are now operational.

How to Use The Rake Remastered Script

The Rake Remastered Script

Free Pastebin The Rake Remastered Script

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