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Restaurant Tycoon 2 Script | Roblox Pastebin Cheat – 2023

Instant Cook, NPC Reach

In Restaurant Tycoon 2 Script, the user builds their own restaurant and helps it grow. The primary and secondary currencies in the game are Cash and Diamonds, respectively. Users must construct their own restaurant from one of the pre-made layouts, adding furniture and other accessories to draw in more guests.

Owners of restaurants prepare and serve food from all over the world while providing excellent service and mouthwatering meals to their customers. You will have an advantage over others by using this script, which will enable you to finish chores quickly and easily.

Restaurant Tycoon 2 Script

Features of Restaurant Tycoon 2 Script

  • NPC Reach
  • Auto Collect
  • Instant Cook
  • Others

Instant Cooking, NPC Reach, and Auto Collect are just a few of the fun and basic features included in this script. All of those are present here on our website as scripts. Megumint#4076 is solely responsible for the script; full credit is due to him.

How to Use Restaurant Tycoon 2 Script

Restaurant Tycoon 2 Script

Script Code Link

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