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Red Light, Green Light Script | Pastebin Gui Hack – 2023

Auto Win & More

If you’re looking for the best Red Light, Green Light script with outstanding features like Auto win, Damage Player, ESP, and many others, look no further. It is completely FREE. I suggest downloading the script so you may use it without being concerned about getting banned if you want to profit from the game even more.

Slugfo created Red Light, Green Light, a Roblox survival horror game. Players must run from one end of the field to the other while stopping when they hear the “red light” and see the manikin’s head turn toward the audience in order to complete this Roblox game, which is based on the popular Netflix series Squid Game. Those who continue moving after being told to stop are disqualified, while those who don’t have the chance to move on to the next round if they cross the line.

Red Light Green Light Script

Features of Red Light, Green Light Script

Here are some Red Light, Green Light cheat features that you may use without any problems and for free.

  • Damage Player
  • Damage All Nearby Players
  • Auto Win
  • Print All Players
  • Win Cookie Cutter
  • And Many More

Author Rustrr44 of Red Light Green Light cheat is the real deal. The Script can be easily accessible and is safe to use. The Script is available on our website, and using it won’t set you back any money.

How to Use Red Light, Green Light Script

Red Light Green Light Script

Script Code Link

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