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Auto Farm & More OP Cheat !!! - 2023

If you’re seeking for a Roblox Project Slayers script with great features like auto farming, you’ve come to the right place. You can download this hack without issues or risk being blocked.

Thanks to this hack, users in the Roblox Project Slayers game can auto-farm punches, automatically deliver waggons, fly, teleport, see other players’ identities, travel a great distance, and even auto-farm any item.

Your objective in the Roblox simulation game Project Slayer is to level up, fight monsters and demons to get experience points, and gather items along the way.

Project Slayers Gui

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About Project Slayers Game

Project Slayers is an anime game that is distinct from others on Roblox. You are not the best warrior right off the bat. You have to work really hard to earn the game’s money and experience.

The only way to advance and become a legend is to finish missions or defeat the weakest bandits. You must buy a weapon, clothing, and horse before leaving the starting area. The next step is to find a clan because PvP might be challenging for novice players.

Features of the Project Slayers Gui

  • Auto farm items
  • Auto punch
  • Teleport
  • Fly
  • Auto deliver wagons
  • Player names
  • Player health
  • Player distance
  • And More!

Players can swiftly and easily find any item they need in the game with the help of this feature without having to look for it.

The teleport ability allows players to teleport to any location in the game, including several boss locations.

Project Slayers Gui


Fly – With the help of this feature, the player can fly.

A feature called “player distance” plots other players’ whereabouts in relation to you on a map.

Users have total control over their game thanks to Project Slayers Script, a GUI (graphical user interface). The script has numerous characteristics that distinguish it as one of the most popular game hacks.

The first feature is the auto farm. This feature allows the player to farm the game automatically. This is a great time saver for individuals who want to farm in the game.

How to Use Project Slayers Gui

Project Slayers Gui

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