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Mall Tycoon Script | Roblox Pastebin Hack (2023)

Auto Collect, Auto Buy, Auto Rebirth And More!

You’ve discovered the Roblox Mall Tycoon Script you’ve been looking for. The top script is displayed below. This new hack is available for download from this website. Downloading the cheat poses no threat to your primary account. To begin, be careful to adhere to each step.

The fantastic Auto Collect option, auto buy, and rebirth are just a few of the beneficial features that this script by Blankiez#6969 contains. These features will greatly improve your gaming experience.

If you want to succeed in Roblox’s Mall Tycoon, you’ll need to build a mall with more than 35 stores, keep your customers happy, and amass enormous tips. To aid you in your attempt, we have compiled every April 2023 Mall Tycoon script for free hack.

Mall Tycoon Script

Features of Roblox Mall Tycoon Script

  • Auto Collect
  • Auto Buy
  • Auto Rebirth
  • Anti AFK
  • And More!

The user builds a shopping complex in the simulation game Mall Tycoon, which is in the same general direction. You can customize the layout, furnishings, and businesses that are housed in this twelve-story shopping mall to your taste.

If this is your first time using our website or Roblox scripts, please read the instructions carefully and follow them to avoid any problems. Check out the list of options we’ve included below.

How to Use Roblox Mall Tycoon Script

Mall Tycoon Script

Script Code Link

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