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Hungry Pig Script | Roblox Pastebin 2023

Autofarm, TP Pig, More!

For fans of the popular game, author AbelStuff has developed a brand-new, fully-functional Hungry Pig Script with a graphical user interface. TP Pig, Auto Farm, TP Spawn, Remove/Add Maze Walls, Show/Hide Maze Walls, WalkSpeed, JumpPower, Fly, Infinite Yield Admin, and other features are only a few of its features.

Features of Hungry Pig Script

  • Autofarm
  • TP Pig
  • WalkSpeed
  • JumpPower
  • More!

With these qualities, playing will be more easier for you and give you the advantage. We tested this script for a short period of time to ensure that you won’t get banned for using it. In less than two months after the Hungry Pig game’s release in October of last year, it had over 75 million visitors.

Hungry Pig Script

This is an important number that shows how popular the game is. You can download the Hungry Pig screenplay for free from our website. The Hungry Pig Pastebin guicode, which can be downloaded from our website, was used to add the script.

How to Use Hungry Pig Script

Watch for the countdown to stop after selecting the download option from the list below. You can proceed by visiting the Hungry Pig Pastebin Hack page and copying the original hack immediately beneath the redirect.

Script Code Pastebin

pcall(function()if game.PlaceId==10758111998 then loadstring(game:HttpGet("",true))()elseif game.PlaceId==10977918334 then loadstring(game:HttpGet("",true))()elseif game.PlaceId==10631384212 then loadstring(game:HttpGet("",true))()elseif game.PlaceId==2158075212 then loadstring(game:HttpGet("",true))()elseif game.PlaceId==4783966408 then loadstring(game:HttpGet("",true))()elseif game.PlaceId==221718525 or game.PlaceId==8974538752 then loadstring(game:HttpGet("",true))()elseif game.PlaceId==11109756592 then loadstring(game:HttpGet("",true))()elseif game.PlaceId==10875701453 then loadstring(game:HttpGet("",true))()elseif game.PlaceId==11216791462 then loadstring(game:HttpGet("",true))()elseif game.PlaceId==11729688377 then loadstring(game:HttpGet("",true))()else local"ScreenGui")local"Frame")local"UICorner")local"TextLabel")local"ImageLabel")a.Parent=game.Players.LocalPlayer:WaitForChild("PlayerGui")a.ZIndexBehavior=Enum.ZIndexBehavior.Sibling;b.Parent=a;b.BackgroundColor3=Color3.fromRGB(122,122,122),0,0.219999999,0),357,0,168),15)c.Parent=b;d.Parent=b;d.BackgroundColor3=Color3.fromRGB(255,255,255)d.BackgroundTransparency=1.000;,0,0.351190478,0),260,0,50)d.Font=Enum.Font.PermanentMarker;d.Text="Game not supported"d.TextColor3=Color3.fromRGB(0,0,0)d.TextSize=70.000;d.TextWrapped=true;e.Parent=b;e.BackgroundColor3=Color3.fromRGB(255,255,255)e.BackgroundTransparency=1.000;e.BorderSizePixel=0;,0,0.398809522,0),318,0,42)e.Image="rbxassetid://10881460606"end end)

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