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Cursed Islands Script | Pastebin Gui Hack (2023)

Auto Win, Infinite Yield & More

If you are curious about how to hack Cursed Islands Script on Roblox, you can easily find out by following the guidelines on our page and discovering how to use cheat in Cursed Islands. Check out each of the steps listed below, and then have fun with the script we’ve provided, which is accessible for no cost to download and use.

Cursed Islands uses plates as its “game pieces,” but it also features islands, octopi, and bays because of its nautical theme. Plates are the subject of the game because that is what the game pieces are. This game was created by the Seven Levels team with a lot of help from the players illuzive and nojustethan. The scripts and user interface for the game were created by illuzive. The organization’s 147,000 members are primarily sports fans who devote a lot of time to following their preferred teams.

This Cursed Islands script was solely written by Insidious#0763, who might also be considered its proprietor. It was created by him, and he gave it to the rest of us. Give him a heartfelt thank you for creating this wonderful hack script for the game’s participants. I recommend exploring our website to find more Robloc scripts.

Cursed Islands Script

Features of Cursed Islands Script

  • Auto Collect Coins
  • Infinite Yield
  • Auto Delete Disasters
  • Auto Win
  • Delete Water
  • And More!

How to Get the Pastebin Script for Cursed Islands?

Click the red “Script” button to start downloading the Cursed Island Script Pastebin cheat.

By continually clicking the Script button on the cheat page, you can copy the script and put it into the Pastebin. Copy the download URL and paste it into a new tab to start the download in notepad.

Cursed Islands Script

How to Use Cursed Islands Script

Script Code Link

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