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Brookhaven Rp Script – Mobile & Pc (13 Working Gui) Pastebin Hack

We have finally made the decision to include a new and updated version of the Brookhaven RP Script This version will not only assist you in unlocking all of the game’s fantastic features, but it will also provide you with access to the admin panel and a great deal more. This Roblox hack can be downloaded without any problems or bans in the game; all you need to do is utilize a straightforward executor that can be found on our website.

Are you ready to take your Roblox Brookhaven role-playing experience to the next level? This guide is for you if you are a fan of the game and want to make sure that everything goes off without a hitch throughout the entire experience.

We are going to investigate all of the roblox scripts and administrative commands that are available for the game, so be ready to take your role-playing experience to the next level! The sandbox game Roblox is an exciting experience that gives players the opportunity to create their own virtual worlds, engage in roleplaying with their friends, and discover new narratives. The Brookhaven RP team is hardly an exception.

Roblox Brookhaven Rp Script Pastebin Codes

Brookhaven RP: RainBow house, Teleport To Vehicle, Set car Speed


Brookhaven RP: Teleports GUI


Brookhaven: Kill All, Freee Gamepass, Admin Panel


Brookhaven: Teleports


Brookhaven: A set of scripts for farm


Brookhaven: Walk Speed, Chat Bypasser, Avatar


Brookhaven: Esp, View, Lock


What sets Brookhaven RP apart from other Roblox games is its uniqueness. In the majority of instances, inputting a code will result in a giveaway of either cash or an item. This one, on the other hand, allows you to download free tunes that you may later listen to at home or while driving.

Your search for Brookhaven RP codes appears to have reached its conclusion. A comprehensive list of all of the ones that are currently operational has been compiled by us. Within the scope of this blog article, we will investigate the most effective scripts and administrative commands that you require in order to improve your Brookhaven role-playing experience in the year 2023.

Brookhaven: Walk Speed, Edit Body & More

local OrionLib = loadstring(game:HttpGet(('')))()
local gameName = game:GetService("MarketplaceService"):GetProductInfo(game.PlaceId).Name
local Window = OrionLib:MakeWindow({Name = "REDz HUB : "..gameName, HidePremium = false, SaveConfig = true, ConfigFolder = "teste"})

local REDz = Window:MakeTab({Name = "Main",Icon = "rbxassetid://13687632207",PremiumOnly = false})

REDz:AddButton({Name = "REDz HUB v3.2.2 In English",Callback = function()

REDz:AddButton({Name = "REDz HUB v3.2.2 em Português",Callback = function()

Brookhaven: Tracers, Esp, Troll Gui

loadstring(game:HttpGet("", true))()

Brookhaven: Free Gamepasses, Trolling Gui

loadstring(game:HttpGet("", true))()

Brookhaven: Invisible, Teleport To The Game, Go To Players

loadstring(game:HttpGet("", true))()

Brookhaven: Troll, Kill Player, Spectate


Brookhaven: Free Emotes


Brookhaven: Invis, Loop Face, Rainbow Name


The /admin command is the first command that we have designed for you to use. You will be granted administrative capabilities within the game, which will enable you to perform a variety of actions, including the ability to kick and ban people, change game settings, and more.

Following the wait time of sixty seconds, you will be able to download the script and immediately access the Brookhaven RP Script. This hack for Roblox is among the most well-designed and efficient cheats for Roblox that have ever been developed.

How to use?

  1. Open Roblox
  2. Click Script Circle To
  3. Paste The Code Into Your Executor
  4. Then Execute The Script Code
  5. Enjoy


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