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Booga Booga Reborn Script | Op Pastebin 2023

Auto Pick Up, Kill Aura, More!

Booga Booga Reborn Script script is widely available. Therefore, click here to get the Roblox Booga Booga script and enable hacks like ESP, Aimbot, and more. When Booga Booga consistently beat Jailbreak in terms of player count for more than a week, we knew it would be a hit.

You have to admit that the game is really popular if you consider that there are over 23 million visits and up to 2,000 players active at any given time. Booga Booga, created by Soybeen for Roblox and released in the spring of 2018, is essentially an online multiplayer survival game.

Features of Booga Booga Reborn Script

  • Auto PickUp
  • Auto Harvest
  • WalkSpeed
  • JumpPower
  • Kill Aura
  • Esp
  • And More!

Most gamers regularly compare it to Minecraft because to its survival-based nature, however we can clearly say that they are not the same game. As you journey around the several islands on the game’s map, you must defend yourself from members of your rival tribe and dangerous monsters.

Booga Booga Reborn Script

Booga Booga’s planet map is highly detailed, to start. It has a wide variety of biomes, and its vast, open environment makes it simple to establish bases and/or tribes, as well as to raid nearby tribes.

We now have everything you require if you’re seeking for a Booga Booga script that you can use to enable features like teleport, ESP, auto-eat, jump, fly, and more. The most accurate and complete Booga Booga reincarnated script is currently found in this post.

How to Use Booga Booga Reborn Script

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