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Blackhawk Rescue Mission Script | Pastebin 2022

Aimbot Cheat , Esp, And More!

If you’re seeking for a Blackhawk Rescue Mission 5 cheat, you should get one from our website right now and use it. If this is your first visit, you must finish each step. The script, created by AlexR32, can be used in its best parts.

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A military-themed open-world video game called Blackhawk Rescue Mission 5 challenges players against rivals on an island in the Bering Sea or against other players in PvP game modes. a vast experience that places a strong emphasis on player customization

Blackhawk Rescue Mission 5 Script

Features of Blackhawk Rescue Mission 5 Script

  • Aimbot
  • Esp
  • And More!

The vast world and military premise of the game allow for a humorous application of this script. ESP, Aimbot, Silent Aim, NPC Mode, and other top game features may all be defeated by using this script. These characteristics are listed below.

Like Phantom Forces, Blackhawk Rescue Mission 5 was created in 2019 by PlatinumFive. So, here are all the active Roblox Blackhawk Rescue Mission 5 scripts in case you’re looking to get any cheats like aimbot, ESP, and more.

Blackhawk Rescue Mission 5 Script

How to Use Blackhawk Rescue Mission 5 Script

Script Code

repeat task.wait() until game.GameId ~= 0

if Parvus and Parvus.Game then
Title = "Parvus Hub",
Description = "Script already running!",
Duration = 5
}) return

local PlayerService = game:GetService("Players")
repeat task.wait() until PlayerService.LocalPlayer
local LocalPlayer = PlayerService.LocalPlayer
local QueueOnTeleport = queue_on_teleport or
(syn and syn.queue_on_teleport)
local LoadArgs = {...}

local function GetSupportedGame() local Game
for Id,Info in pairs(Parvus.Games) do
if tostring(game.GameId) == Id then
Game = Info break
end if not Game then
return Parvus.Games.Universal
end return Game

local function Concat(Array,Separator)
local Output = "" for Index,Value in ipairs(Array) do
Output = Index == #Array and Output .. tostring(Value)
or Output .. tostring(Value) .. Separator
end return Output

local function GetScript(Script)
return Parvus.Debug and readfile("Parvus/" .. Script .. ".lua")
or game:HttpGetAsync(("%s%s.lua"):format(Parvus.Domain,Script))

local function LoadScript(Script)
return loadstring(Parvus.Debug and readfile("Parvus/" .. Script .. ".lua")
or game:HttpGetAsync(("%s%s.lua"):format(Parvus.Domain,Script)))()

getgenv().Parvus = {Debug = LoadArgs[1],Utilities = {},
Domain = "",Games = {
["Universal" ] = {Name = "Universal", Script = "Universal" },
["1168263273"] = {Name = "Bad Business", Script = "Games/BB" },
["1586272220"] = {Name = "Steel Titans", Script = "Games/ST" },
["807930589" ] = {Name = "The Wild West", Script = "Games/TWW" },
["580765040" ] = {Name = "RAGDOLL UNIVERSE", Script = "Games/RU" },
["187796008" ] = {Name = "Those Who Remain", Script = "Games/TWR" },
["358276974" ] = {Name = "Apocalypse Rising 2", Script = "Games/AR2" },
["1054526971"] = {Name = "Blackhawk Rescue Mission 5",Script = "Games/BRM5"}

Parvus.Utilities.UI = LoadScript("Utilities/UI")
Parvus.Utilities.Misc = LoadScript("Utilities/Misc")
Parvus.Utilities.Drawing = LoadScript("Utilities/Drawing")

local SupportedGame = GetSupportedGame()
if State == Enum.TeleportState.InProgress then
QueueOnTeleport(([[local LoadArgs = {%s}
loadstring(LoadArgs[1] and readfile("Parvus/Loader.lua") or

if SupportedGame then
Parvus.Game = SupportedGame.Name
Title = "Parvus Hub",
Description = Parvus.Game .. " loaded!",
Duration = LoadArgs[2]

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