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Roblox Psychic playground Script | Pastebin Gui (2023)

Dear all, You may definitely utilize the script we recently added if you’re playing the Psychic Playground game on Roblox. This script was also written by 0xMystic, the person behind the script hack.

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The Roblox game Phychic Playground features griefing and competitive play. You may obliterate the city in psychic playground by using your psychic abilities. Holding down the throw button causes the power to increase until it turns red. Moving larger objects requires lift power.

Features Of Roblox Psychic playground Script

  • Auto Collect Orbs
  • Teleport to Dummy
  • Free to Use
  • Safe to Use

More expensive players receive 25% more energy. The group members have 25% greater energy!
For each friend you have on the server, you will receive 10% extra energy! Check the features and usage instructions below before beginning.

Psychic playground Script

How to get the Roblox Phychic Playground Pastebin Script?

Before downloading the Phychic Playground Pastebin Script, click the red “Script” button.

You can copy the script from the cheat website and paste it into the Pastebin by repeatedly clicking the Script button. In order to begin the download in notepad, copy the download URL and paste it into a new tab.

How to Use Roblox Psychic playground Script

Psychic playground Script

Script Code Link

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