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Princess Tycoon Script | Pastebin Cheat – 2023

Auto Farm, Kill All & More

Two elements in this attractive OP Princess Tycoon cheat completely transform the game. You can auto-collect and auto-buy with Auto Tycoon. You can basically kill everyone in Silent Aim/Attack by standing anywhere, clicking with your sword, and killing them regardless of where your crosshair is or how far away you are.

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Features of Princess Tycoon Script

  • auto buy & collect
  • auto creates
  • laser sensor
  • auto get weapons
  • silent aim/attack
  • tycoon teleport
  • click teleport
  • And More!

Princess Tycoon Script

The Tycoon Squad developed a tycoon experience called The Spinner. One of the 10 princess-themed tycoons is where players spawn and claim it. Diamonds are then used to buy droppers, weaponry, and basic components before they stand on buttons.

How to Use Princess Tycoon Script

Script Code Link

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