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Muscle Legends Script | Pastebin 2022

Auto Shrink, Train Agility, Durability, Hiding Spot

many Muscle Legends scripts. Here is a list of some of the active scripts for Roblox Muscle Legends in case you’re wanting to gain cheats like Auto Rebirth, Auto Train, Auto Farm, and more.

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One of the several original 3D experiences on Roblox, Muscle Legends is here to stay. The gameplay of this 2019 creation from Scriptbloxian Studios essentially asks players to exercise and brawl in order to improve their strength, agility, and durability.

You could unlock additional gyms, acquire epic creatures, learn new moves, and compete against other players in arenas as you worked to become the strongest Robloxian. The game itself is pretty cool, and the mechanics are top-notch.

Muscle Legends Script

Features of Muscle Legends Script

  • Auto Shrink
  • Train Agility
  • Durability
  • Hiding Spot

According to statistics, Roblox Muscle Legends has up to 429 thousand likes and over 13,100 daily active users. It has also received over 697 million hits.

The finest Roblox muscle legends script to use right now, assuming you want to win every fight and possibly acquire hacks like Auto Farm, Auto Kill, Auto Rebirth, and more.

Muscle Legends Script

How to Use Muscle Legends Script

There are numerous Muscle Legends scripts available online, and the most of them are feature-rich. Below, you’ll find a list of all the Roblox Muscle Legends scripts that are currently live, from Walkspeed to Agility Farm to Auto Train.


Any Muscle Legends Script in a Roblox game must first be run using a reliable Roblox vulnerability. They comprise several different artists, such as Fluxus, Krnl, and Synapse X.

Visit our earlier post on the well-known Roblox script factor and/or exploit if you haven’t already in order to find anything that works.

After installation, launch Muscle Legends, Roblox, and the downloaded exploit. You should paste any Muscle Legends hack from the aforementioned list into the executor’s box.

Script Code

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