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Lifting Simulator Script | Pastebin Gui (2023)

Auto Gain, Sell, Upgrade & More!

Similar to Lifting Simulator Script, Roblox’s Weight Lifting Simulator 3 features a player against player mode where participants compete by gaining strength by lifting weights. Similar to Shonen Smash and Anime Punching Simulator, the objective of the game is to build up your power and destroy your opponents in combat.

You might be able to get free power and gems using Roblox cheat codes, making you even more lethal. More stamina enables you to comfortably venture outside the game’s safe zone without worrying about failing.

Lifting Simulator Script

Features of Lifting Simulator Script

  • Auto Sell
  • Auto Gain
  • Auto Upgrade
  • Animation Packs
  • Many More!

Here is a script that can be used in this Roblox game as of January 2023. The genuine owner and inventor of the script is BinaryHub_Official#4202, therefore be sure to follow the instructions carefully before downloading, using, and enjoying the script!

How to Use Lifting Simulator Script

Lifting Simulator Script

Script Code Link

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