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Infectious Smile Script | Roblox Pastebin Hack (2023)

Auto Farm, Speed & More

The horrifying computer game Infectious Smile Script, developed by Laughablehaha, challenges players to stop a virus that turns them nasty. Players who contract the virus will start to look like the Winning Smile face.

There are rooms in a few of the game’s stages that have white “lava bricks” that camera stands have created. These bricks allow the virus to “infect” the player very quickly. Orange “lava bricks” will kill infected people, but they won’t harm non-infected people who can pass through them unharmed.

Players can withstand the earthquake and eventually win the game by keeping control of the tower at the edge of the playing field. The safezone of this tower protects players from the impacts of the earthquake. Try out this script, which is currently offered and is free to use.

Infectious Smile Script

Features of Infectious Smile Script Script

  • Reach
  • Speed Hack
  • Reach Radius Speed
  • Obtain Bat
  • Bind Shift-Lock
  • Hit Aura
  • Obtain Bottle
  • Anti Infeet-Brick
  • Auto Farm
  • Others

Infectious Smile Script

How to Use Infectious Smile Script

Script Code

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