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Heavens Arena Script | Pastebin Cheat – 2023

Anti-Combo, No Stun And More

The freshly released Heavens Arena Script for Roblox stands out for its straightforward user interface and extensive capabilities. This script is more user-friendly than comparable scripts because it can be executed without a key. It’s a gorgeous add-on that basically aims to improve your experience with the popular video game Heavens Arena.

Nearly 5 million users have played Heavens Arena since its release in 2021, and 46,000 of them have rated it as a favorite. This fighting game’s addictive gameplay and regular updates keep players hooked. Due to this, a growing number of people play this game online every day.

Heavens Arena Script

Features of Heavens Arena Script

You can use a wide range of tools from the Heavens Arena Script to help you rule the arena. Let’s examine a few of these qualities in more detail:

  • No Stun: With this selection, you can prevent battle-related stuns for your character.
  • No Slow: Your player character will always travel at a regular pace if you use No Slow.
  • WalkSpeed & JumpPower: With the corresponding sliders, you can alter how quickly and powerfully your character can jump.
  • Anti Combo: You won’t have to be concerned about getting caught in your opponents’ combinations thanks to Anti Combo.
  • Hide Name: Choose “Hide Name” to keep your character’s name a secret and spice up your game.
  • Anonymous Mode: By deleting any evidence of your activities, you can continue to remain anonymous online.

How to Use Heavens Arena Script

Heavens Arena Script

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